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Frizzy and fed up ? Look who’s  not !!! Click here To find out more about the KERSILK KERTIN system. KERASILK KERATIN system is the new generation in hair technology. It has the ability to turn frizzy fustrated hair into smooth fabulous styles. 100% perfect results which promises to make unruly hair manageable and reduce clients styling time significantly for up too 5 MONTHS. Kerashape technology contains Glyoxylic acid and smoothing ingredients (keratin and silk proteins). During the treatment service it creates KERASILK bonds stabalizing the NEW hair shape for up to 5 MONTHS. The in salon treatment is a pleasant experience which consists of several steps taking approximately 2 hours. Above we have only a few of our most recent KERASILK KERATIN treatments of clients who are no longer fighting for fabulous hair.  

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